Monday, November 23, 2015

Clayton Pruitt Landscape Architect (part 2 of 2)

Even a routine activity like gardening needs designing skills. He emphasizes on the need of correctness of vocabulary, grammar and spelling thus making letter writing a form of designing. Designing, thus should be practiced as a religion. It is only then when the best design solutions can be thought about.

Clayton Pruitt believes in a sincere and dedicated approach towards his work however humble the project may be.  One of his specialties is waterfall landscape design. He appreciates the work of the painters who confine the epic scope of some wonderful landscapes that stimulated them. This form of landscaping is a good illustration of asymmetrical design. Water can be a magical element in the entire layout of the garden and can give a distinctively look to the garden.

As a landscape designer, Mr. Pruitt suggests the use of patio plants, house plants or miniature Christmas trees to make the gardens attractive.  Lakeside Landscape Inc is an affordable tree service company and will offer its band of customers all the help required with maintaining a garden.

Clayton Pruitt landscape architect believes that a landscape becomes a garden when it develops into an extension of the owner, in the functional, aesthetic and emotional regard. Landscape art portrays scenery such as valleys, mountains, rivers, forests and trees and this can be replicated in the residential gardens.

In fact, a well maintained and beautifully designed front lawn adds a touch of exotic beauty to a residential plan.

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